BREAKING NEWS: “Young Gun" marketer spits truth from the rooftops...

That's right...

If you want to survive - let alone thrive - in today's ultra-competitive marketplace, you need to have a whole new toolbox of “persuasive power tools” at your fingertips.

Tools that can cut through the white noise of today's hectic lifestyle... send your prospects into an unstoppable purchase frenzy... and generate results like this...

"Honestly, I didn't expect Daniel to pull this one off.

Not only did he have a ridiculously short time to write the copy for the website... and not only did we launch at a time of the year that usually sees terrible results...

...but our server melted down for the first three hours of launch (when conversions are usually highest).

So imagine my surprise when we got results like these:
  • Top affiliates getting close to 30% conversion rates...

  • Our first upsell was converting at over 70%...

  • AND we shot to #3 in the Forex market on ClickBank.
Daniel's copy was a HUGE part of Forex Mutant's massive success... and I've already booked him for our next launch.

If you want to break through the "profit plateau" and get the kind of results we did you should do the same."

Lee Campbell

Want to have the same kind of success in your business?

Then you owe it to yourself to read every word of this letter very carefully...

From the Desk of Daniel Scott
Expert Copywriter And Marketing Consultant

Dear Savvy Marketer,

You know it... and I know it...

Today more than ever... consumers are clamping down on their wallets with vice-like pressure.

And in order to persuade them to release their dollar “death grip”... your marketing message doesn't just need to hit every single one of their emotional “hot buttons” with the precision of a tactical air strike...

It also has to grab their attention with the magnetic attraction of a grisly interstate car crash.

After all... it's not just other advertisements brutally jostling for "center stage" in your prospect's mind...

You're also competing with distractions the “old school” advertising legends didn't even have to consider...

Profit barriers like Facebook... Twitter.. iPods... MTV... Playstations... and a lot more.

Quite frankly...

Time to face facts...

The sales techniques of "yesteryear" just aren't cutting it anymore.

Frankly... consumers have evolved.

They've had so many similar promotions rammed down their throat that they've learned to "tune out" so-called "proven" advertising approaches entirely...

And any business owner using these relics of generations gone by will have a front-row seat to bankruptcy as their target market chews them up and spits them out.

But this won't happen to you...

Because in just a moment... you'll discover exactly how you can hone your marketing message to cut through the "white noise" of today advertising arena and pump “sales steroids” directly into the lifeblood of your business.

Before we go any further, though, there's something you should know...

These revolutionary techniques aren't corporate-speak marketing lies about the importance of "branding"... "mass appeal"... or any other BS that wins awards but fails to shovel cash into your bank account.

They're built on a foundation of proven marketing savvy... with one important twist...

Where the “ old school” techniques of direct-response selling would have smashed against the bullet-proof wall of cynicism and suspicion all of today's prospects naturally have...

These hollow-point sales shells effortlessly sail through the chinks in your prospect's armor... detonating in a white-hot desire that'll send cash raining into your bank account.

But don't take my word for it...

Listen to Chris Lee... successful Forex trader and mentor...

“Wow man... your copy is KILLING it!

Usually a membership site is a hard sell... especially in the Forex Market... but you managed to nail this one and it shows in the figures - we're already set to rake in five figures every single month just from the members we have so far!

Chris Lee

Admittedly... If you listen to the sob stories of has-been marketers and salesmen on used car lots and internet forums... these kinds of results may surprise you.

In fact... you're probably wondering...

Hi... my name's Daniel Scott...

And I'm a direct-response copywriter and marketing consultant responsible for a string of winning sales letters and revitalizing business strategies.

But the secret to my sucess isn't what you'd expect.

Sure... I studied all the "old masters"...

Guys like John Caples... Vic Schwab... Eugene Schwartz... and many more...

But I knew this "million dollar" marketing education wouldn't be enough.

Being one of the "new breed" of ultra-skeptical consumers myself... I could tell that these old-school techniques would harmlessly bounce off the modern prospect's near-impenetrable "wall of suspicion".

I knew if I wanted to write the kind of ultra-persuasive sales copy that would fatten bank accounts at lightning speed... I needed an edge.

So I signed up for one-on-one coaching with Vin Montello.

If you don't know Vin... he's responsible for a huge string of seven-figure launches... and has been branded the "Godfather of Persuasion" by a crowd of super-satisfied (and very wealthy) clients.

And while I could sit here and tell you about how Vin only takes the best up-and-coming copywriters as students... or how I devoured every trick Vin taught me and added it to my arsenal of persuasive weapons...

I'd rather you hear it from Vin himself...

"I don't just take anyone on as a student... and I certainly don't give out recommendations easily...

But I firmly believe that Daniel Scott is one of the best copywriters you can get your hands on today.

Daniel has his finger on the "pulse" of the marketing community... and delivers the kind of emotion-filled, highly-persuasive copy you'd be hard-pressed to find at ANY price .

If you want to work with a copywriter that can make your next launch expolosively profitable... then get Daniel...

...IF he's still available."

Vin Montello
"The Godfather of Persuasion"

Let's get one thing straight...

Combining "old school" marketing wisdom with Vin's sizzling "StorySelling" can transform any letter into a sales blockbuster.

But I knew something was missing.

Something that would transform my already sizzling sales skills into an unstoppable juggernaut of profit-producing power.

That's when...

Techniques like...

  • The Seducer - Here's a trick I took straight from the book of some of the best salesmen of all time - pickup artists. That's right... these sleazy, shallow men have a "secret weapon" you can use 100% ethically to mesmerize your prospects and create a burning desire for YOUR products... without them ever knowing it.

  • Zeigarnik's Zigzag - Discover the technique I "stole" from a Russian scientist that practically "forces" prospects to hang off every word on your sales page... allowing your sales pitch to subconsciously seep through their minds, and putting their credit cards straight into your hands!

  • The Selling Slingshot - Here's a revolutionary technique that every killer salesman uses time and time again... but most marketers will never even hear about it. Partner with me, however, and you'll get access to this sneaky but undeniable effective selling tool that will put your bottom line on steroids!

  • Beginner's Luck - People always buy off the most knowledgable salesman...
    or do they? Unleash this proven direct-response tactic on your customers and watch in amazement as you experience the "luck of the new guy" every single day... raking in cash like clockwork!

  • The Deadly Alliance - Weave this secret weapon into your sales copy and watch in awe as your customers suddenly switch from skeptical, wary detectives into your biggest fans... fans who will throw money at you until you beg them to stop!

  • And many, many more...

Look... I could sit here all day and tell you about the "edge" I have that allows me to consistently write killer letters for my clients...

But talk is cheap.

Frankly... results are what matter.

So to prove I'm the "real deal"... I want you to hear what one of the top product launch specialists online today has to say about me.

"As the #1 student and "go to guy" for creator of the Product Launch Formula, Jeff Walker, I've worked with a LOT of great copywriters in my time.

But Dan is the one I continue to use time and time again.

His cutting-edge selling techniques have been responsible for us getting a whopping 18% conversion rate on our most recent promotion.

The simple truth is that Dan cuts through the BS and delivers hard-hitting, profit-producing copy every time.

And if you want to take your business to the next level, you'll do the smart thing and get him for your next project straight away."

Brandon Frederickson
#1 Protege of Jeff Walker, Product Launch Guru
Million-Dollar Product Launch Specialist

Now you've seen the incredible results I generate... you're probably wondering...It couldn't be easier...

Just fill in the form below to get in contact with me... and we'll discuss your project.

But I've gotta warn you...

I'm NOT a good fit for everyone.

I live and die by my reputation... and I'm not going to tarnish it by taking on a project I'm not positive I can turn into a profit-pulling monster.

Sorry... but that's just the way it is.

Secondly... I only work with marketers who are 100% serious about making their project a HUGE success.

So if you're not willing to make the investment in your business that compelling copy requires... cross me off your list right now.

Because frankly... I don't work for peanuts.

And if you find a copywriter who does... I advise you to clutch your wallet to your chest and run like the wind.

After all... if they can't even sell themselves...

What makes you think they can sell YOUR product or service?

I value the time and effort I put into each and every piece of copy... and my clients do the same.

As James Rayman said...

"I'll be honest with you, Dan...

When I first saw your fees... I was a little shocked.

But having seen the incredible results you had generated for other clients... and having been personally referred to you by Vin Montello... I decided to take the plunge.

And let me tell you... it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Your copy is seriously mouth-watering...  and hits every "hot button" my customers have.

Thanks again!"

James Rayman

We both know you deserve to explode your marketing... crush your competitors... and grow your bottom line.

And that's exactly what I can do for you.

But I'll warn you... my schedule fills up fast... and if you are determined to "wait"... you may miss out entirely.

Don't put the success of your business in jeopardy.

Fill in the form below, and we'll talk about how I can make your next project a profit-sucking success story.


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